The Most Common Slip And Fall Injuries

Head Injuries

Broken Bones

Cuts and Abrasions

Spinal Cord Injuries

Slip and Fall Accidents

The owner or manager of the building may be liable for compensation if you sustained injuries due to negligence by the rental host, landlord, or landlord. In the event that you are unable to secure fair compensation through negotiation, a SEATTLE REAL ESTATE LAWYER's slip and fall accident attorney can take it to trial if you are unable to do so.

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Legal Factors To Consider

You need to take a number of factors into account until you file a lawsuit with your attorney. There are a number of factors to consider, including:
● An existing hazard has been reported in the past
● Identifying a business's or property owner's negligence
● Is there any way the accident could have been prevented?

A accidental fall injury can result in serious injury to you or your family member. Welcome to The SEATTLE REAL ESTATE LAWYERS Firm! If you suffer a slip and fall injury, our attorneys can assist you in filing a claim.
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Premises Liability

Keeping your home or business safe for guests and customers is the responsibility of every property owner. A victim of an accidental fall is eligible for compensation if a property owner neglects their duties.

As a result of this compensation, you can:

● Medical bills
● sufferings and pains
● Lost wages

An experienced Real Estate Lawyer with experience handling accidental fall lawsuits will help you in essential for discussing your lawful possibilities following an accident.

With a track record of successful results, The SEATTLE REAL ESTATE LAWYERS Firm's slip and fall injury lawyers strive to get all their clients the best results.
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Important Evidence For Real Estate Injury Claim

Taking Pictures: An accident scene, clothes and shoes, as well as any injuries, can all be captured in a photograph and used as evidence.

Witnesses: Get your witnesses' names, addresses, and phone numbers in case they see you fall. Their testimony may prove helpful to you.

Get an Accident Report: For cases in which an injury occurred in a store, in a hotel, or in the event area. An accident report can be filed by the security team at most of these places. It is a good idea to ask the manager if they do not. It will serve as proof of your injuries and the accident you were involved in. Be sure to keep a copy of this report in case you need to reference it.

Don't Worry! The SEATTLE REAL ESTATE LAWYERS Firm will work with you to obtain all the information it can to support your accidental fall lawsuit, even if you did not take any pictures or obtain any witness statements.

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Who Is Liable?

An employee or property owner (or property owner) posed a hazard through a spill. Property/business owners (or employees) knew about hazards, but failed to make them safe. The owner of the property or organization (or a worker) "should have known that there was a risk.

Types of Slip & Fall Accidents

Several hazards can lead to people slipping, tripping, or falling. There are a number of reasons for this, including:
● Stairway accidents
● Slippery surface slides
● Fall from a balcony or terrace
● Sidewalk falls
● Parking ramp falls
● Falls from ladder
● Shower and Bathtub falls

A compassionate and personalized approach to real estate injury cases

Accident victims are not alone if they've suffered injuries in one of these incidents. As a matter of fact, premises liability insurance is designed to cover such situations.

You can seek compensation help from our bronx injury attorneys if you have been injured. Each of our clients receives personalized care from us because we are compassionate and caring.

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